The CJK Dictionary Institute (CJKI) is proud to present Libera, an innovative bilingual text reader (patent forthcoming) for the iOS platform. Libera is an Interactive Parallel Text that combines the strengths of traditional parallel texts with the latest advances in tablet technology, providing you, the learner, with a host of features and quick reference at your fingertips, all on a single screen.

“Libera is a revolution in the field and should be well received by educators and students.”
— Miled Faiza, Lecturer of Arabic, Brown University

Various studies prove that learning in a natural context is one of the most effective ways to improve your language skills. Truly enjoy the language learning process as Libera guides you through real editions of your favorite foreign language texts. With a single tap, Libera allows you to instantly access the information you need in order to fully grasp all essential aspects of the text you are reading.

Use Libera's expert guidance as much or as little as you likelook up translations only as you need them, delve into the text line-by-line for in-depth language study, or sit back and enjoy Libera's interactive audio book feature as it highlights each phrase as it is read to you. The highly customizable interface allows you to choose bitext mode, traditional single text mode, or four-panel mode for comprehensive information display. Fully customize the interface to achieve the optimal reading experience, fine tuned to your personal taste.

What's more, you can enjoy Libera without an internet connectionread anytime, anywhere.


A critical feature of Libera is that the texts are precisely linked at the segment (word or phrase) level: Tapping a segment in one panel immediately highlights the linked segment in every other panel, making cross-lingual correspondences clear and unambiguous. These highlights also provide cross-script pronunciation, grammar, and word meanings in context.

Furthermore, the segment bar at the bottom of the screen provides a compact and quick alternative to time-consuming dictionary look-ups.


  • View up to four different versions of a text side by side
  • Access unique extra features tailored to your language of study
  • Pull up the segment bar for instant access to translations and pronunciation
  • Enjoy a fully customizable learning experience
  • Modify each panel to your liking
  • Display text in one, two or four panels


  • Word Info screen enables in-depth word study with examples
  • Libera's context-sensitive dictionary intelligently displays word meanings relevant to the specific context
  • Favorite word list lets you quickly review new vocabulary
  • Full-form search lets users search through the text quickly and easily
  • Grammar Notes highlight important points in grammar and usage


  • Full native audio recordings aid in improving pronunciation and listening skills
  • Both male and female audio available (for select stories)
  • Ability to adjust speed of audio recording without loss of quality
  • Listen mode instantly turns your device into an audio book