What is Libera?


Libera is a revolutionary Parallel Text Reader and language learning tool for the iOS platform that enables users to easily read foreign language texts alongside the same text in their own native language. This is made possible by Libera's innovative and unique Interactive Parallel Text system which expertly guides readers through the foreign language text, providing a wealth of information about every phrase at the touch of a finger.

This cutting-edge platform provides learners with a whole new way of experiencing foreign language texts, making foreign language reading more effective and enjoyable than ever before.

What is Interactive Parallel Text?

Libera introduces a new technology that promises to transform conventional language learning methods: Interactive Parallel Text (IPT), a new paradigm that embodies the benefits of traditional paper-based parallel texts along with numerous features specific to the smart mobile platform.

Whenever a segment (word or phrase) is selected in one of the text panels, the corresponding segment in the parallel text is highlighted simultaneously, linking the two languages dynamically. Moreover, each story features a customized dictionary, full native audio recordings, and grammar notes, creating a fully self-contained learning environment without the need for outside resources. 

See here for a detailed account on Interactive Parallel Text.






Who is Libera for?

Libera is ideal for learners interested in studying a foreign language through the sheer pleasure of reading. This application is most effective for intermediate and advanced learners. Libera is for those who would like to improve their language skills through reading and cultural experience, rather than cramming and repetition.

This groundbreaking technology not only serves as an invaluable addition to classroom learning but is also excellent for those independently embarking on advanced study of a language – Libera is the perfect companion for students engaged in self-study.