The Benefits of Parallel Text

Parallel texts are unique among language learning tools in that they allow learners to enjoyably read texts in a foreign language. With an idiomatic translation to help in understanding difficult grammar and vocabulary, parallel texts allow readers to enjoy immersive, uninterrupted reading, which, as the linguist Christine Nuttall notes, creates a positive cycle in which the reader is encouraged to keep reading.

The Benefits of Voluntary Reading

“Free voluntary reading is the most powerful tool we have in language education.”
— Stephen Krashen, Professor Emeritus of Linguistics, University of Southern California

A growing body of research shows that this kind of voluntary, sustained reading is an extremely effective method of learning foreign languages. Prominent language researcher Stephen Krashen contends that learners are able to rapidly absorb a great deal of grammar and vocabulary when they are presented with large amounts of understandable reading material in an enjoyable and stress-free manner.

Interactive Parallel Text provides just that: putting vast amounts of reading material within the learner’s immediate reach so he or she will be able to naturally absorb both vocabulary and grammar with greater efficiency than through traditional classroom learning or rote memorization.

Enjoying reading as a pleasurable experience is critical to the success of parallel texts as a learning tool.

A Nascent Technology

Creating new content for IPT applications requires the careful linking of words and phrases between translations and the creation of grammar notes and audio recordings, all currently done by hand. These tasks are fundamentally labor-intensive, but we are actively researching advanced techniques that will speed up and automate the process. This will allow us to release additional language pairs and content more quickly, and enable students to choose reading topics of greatest interest to them.

Research and Methodology

Our greatest goal with Libera is to give you a no-frills way to achieve a level of reading fluency that will motivate you and deepen your interest in language learning. Libera is based on the Input Hypothesis, which states that language learning works best when you can keep reading without distraction or interruption.

We created Libera to reflect this philosophy by linking the segments to a translation, audio recordings, grammar notes, and dictionary entries which you can effortlessly access.  You can now truly enjoy learning a second language, not by letting you cram flashcards or attain social media achievements, but by turning the act of reading itself into the process, goal, and reward.

Some of the key concepts behind Libera are based on extensive academic research, and for that reason we at CJKI created a number of white papers to help you understand exactly why we believe in the effectiveness of this method.